Saturday, February 11, 2012

Naughty Brothers

Sharon excused herself from the dinner table and went up to her room. She lay down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. She was wondering what to do now. She did not want to start on her homework just yet. It was math and she hated math. She could not get her 17-year-old brain around it. It seemed impossible for her to understand it. She decided to take a shower and thought that it may help her to relax.

Sharon went to her drawer and took out a pair of new panties and a clean shirt. She then went into the bathroom, which was quite large. The shower area was also large, around two square metres, and it had a sliding door.

She undressed and examined her body in the full-length mirror. Sharon looked at her short hair. It looked so cool, she thought. She had dyed it black and she remembered when her mom had seen it for the first time, how angry she had been. However, now she had accepted it. Sharon liked it short; it was much easier for her to do things with it.

Her breasts looked nice too, they were neither too small nor too big; about average, she figured. She cupped them and felt their firmness in her hands. They felt so delicate and she squeezed them gently. Mike, her boyfriend, liked them also and he used to say that they were perfect. That was enough for her; she was satisfied.

She looked down at her blonde triangle; she stared at it. She liked her pussy a lot; it had given her so much pleasure and that also reminded her of Mike. Without him, she would never have enjoyed sex. They had been together for almost six months now, and they had enjoyed it a lot.

At first, she did not like it much because it hurt, but Mike certainly seemed to enjoy it. The first time had not lasted long; it was kind of in and out for a couple of minutes and then Mike had pulled his cock out of her and squirted on her belly. However, since that first time, she had enjoyed it more and more, so that now she felt she could not live without it.

Mike's sexual performance had improved and they found that they could delay their orgasms for about 15 minutes, which she believed was typical for most people.

She looked forward to the weekend, when Mike was coming home from his job. Mike worked for a big road construction company, and he was away for a couple of weeks at a time. He had been away for almost 3 weeks and she was desperate to feel his body against hers.

Now she wanted him to come home so that he could relieve her sexual frustration. She was so horny and still she wanted to wait for him. She did not like to masturbate; it would feel like she was cheating on him if she did it.

Sharon entered the shower area and closed the door behind her. She turned on the hot water and soon the shower area was filled with steam. The hot water cascaded down her back and buttocks. God, it felt good! She turned around so that the water would hit her breasts. She closed her eyes in pleasure, as the water seemed to massage her nipples, which become erect almost instantly.

Suddenly the door opened. Sharon felt the warm steam disappear and cold air rushed in, making her shiver. She turned her head to see who had opened it.

Her two younger brothers, Richard and James, stood there. They were laughing and thought that this was cool. They liked to mess around with her and she hated it.

She often disliked them and sometimes she wished that they would be sent to a children's home. This was such a moment. She looked at them with her fury in her eyes and shouted, "Get away from here, you two bastards!"

However, they just seemed to enjoy it even more when she got mad. It was always like this, she thought. The angrier she got, the more they liked it. She had never figured out why, but she thought that the reason must be that they were so young. Richard was 15 and James was only 13, so they were still only children.

"What are you two doing? Can't you just leave me alone?" Sharon asked them quietly.

They both just smiled and shook their heads.

"We want to be with you, sis!" James said and laughed.

"Yeah, we want to be with you, sis!" Richard agreed.

Sharon sighed deeply and told them to go to mom or dad.

"Can't do that!" Richard answered her.

"And why can't you do that?" Sharon asked him, tired of having them there.

"Because they are out. Walking with the dog," James explained to her.

"Okay," Sharon said slowly. She tried to think out a way to get them out of there. "Can't you just wait for them?"

"No, that is boring," they both said to her.

"I don't care if it's boring or not. I'm getting cold standing here arguing with you two!" Sharon said, almost shouting now. "Get out and close the door!"

Her two brothers just looked at each other and smiled.

"Well, that's okay, sis. We'll just join you!" Richard said.

"But...NO! What...?" was all she managed to say before her two brothers were inside the shower area. James closed the door behind him and for a moment they just stood there and watched each other. She now noticed that they was not just looking at her, they were staring at her. As she realised that, she suddenly felt awfully naked. A feeling, completely new to her, rose in her. She had never felt so uncomfortable being nude with them before, but she felt it now. She felt nervous about it.

Sharon couldn't understand why, it was just a hunch that she had, but she knew that she had to get out of the shower right away. Suddenly she felt a finger on her hairy vulva and James asked her, "What is this, sis?"

Sharon did not answer, but hit his hand with her fist and shouted, "What are you doing, James?" James seemed surprised by her reaction and Sharon almost felt sorry for him. It looked like he was going to cry. She sat down on her heels in front of him and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"I'm sorry, James. But this is a private part of mine. Do you understand?"

James nodded his head and said slowly, "But...I just wanted to feel it. No need for you to get mad."

"I can understand you being curious about how I look when I'm nude. That is just normal for boys, but you can't touch me. I'm your big sis, okay?"

"Why not? What's the difference if you are my sis or not?" James asked her.

Sharon thought for a while and decided to let him feel her. Just once, so that this discussion would end and so that they would leave her. She stood up and looked at her little brother. His eyes looked so innocent.

"Okay, James. Just this once you can touch it," she told him.

James' face shone with happiness when she told him that. Quickly he placed his finger on her vulva. Sharon felt him play with her curly pubic hair with his finger. James seemed to like touching her; she could see it in his face.

"Okay James, that's it!" said Sharon as soon as James' finger began to get closer to the top of her crack. James removed his finger and looked proudly at his brother. Richard, who had been quiet throughout, now looked jealous. Sharon noticed Richard's face. She began to wonder what she had got herself into. Now she must let Richard feel her also. As Richard was about to ask if he also could feel her, she said, "Okay, okay! You can touch it as well. But make it fast, okay!"

Richard smiled and pushed his brother aside and cupped his whole hand over her vulva. She could feel his fingertips against her crack. Sharon swallowed and stood perfectly still. She was getting moist; she did not want to, but it was happening anyway. She cursed Mike for being away so long. Richard began to explore Sharon's soft crack with his fingertips and Sharon felt herself getting aroused. She did not like being so excited by her brother feeling her pussy. She turned on the shower in an attempt to get the two boys out of there before things got out of control. She wanted to take care of her burning pussy herself; if they would just leave her alone.

James and Richard jumped away when the hot water began to cascade over them, and Sharon went to the far side of the shower. Now she was safe, she thought.

"Why did you do that? Look, we are getting all wet here!" Richard shouted out.

Sharon smiled and told them to get out of there now. The show was over, period. She turned her back to them and reached for the shampoo bottle, but the two boys didn't leave the shower.

She felt a pair of hands cup her breasts. Before she had time to react to the attack on her breasts, she felt a pair of hands on her inner thighs.

"What are you doing?" she cried out and tried to turn around, but the hands that came from behind stopped her.

She screamed, "Stop it, you two!"

However, there was no reaction to her demand. Instead the hands on her breasts began to squeeze them, and she felt the hands on her thighs begin to move up. She felt herself panic, but at the same time, she liked it. In a weird way, she liked it.

Richard stopped squeezing his sister's breasts and hugged her from behind. He kissed her on her neck and shoulder. Her wet skin tasted so wonderful and Sharon leaned her head backwards.

He let his hands slide down to her belly and then further down to her vulva. He felt her wet pubic hair with his fingertips. He pushed his index finger through it until he felt the top of her crack.

Sharon felt Richard's finger sink in between her outer lips, and was surprised how much she liked him doing it.

James slid his hand up his sister's inner thighs until he also felt her soft outer lips. He stopped for a while and then ran his index finger inside of her crack. It was slippery between her outer lips and his finger slid easily in and out of her crack.

Sharon was stunned by what her two brothers were doing. She couldn't believe it, but the panic that she felt was now changing to pure excitement. She did not want them to stop and when Richard let go of her, she turned around to face them.

They both look so naughty and their faces were all red with excitement. She looked down and noticed a bulge on each of the boys' shorts. She moved her finger to her lips and signalled to them to be quiet. She did not know if their parents were home or not. She figured that their parents would not be pleased if they found them all in the shower together, naked.

Richard looked at his nude sister and he thought that she was lovely. He wanted her, right there in the shower. He felt his cock was about to burst through his shorts. He saw that she was breathing heavily and he understood that she was horny. He used to spy on her and Mike, so he knew how she looked when she was horny. He took a few steps towards her, grabbed her hand, and moved it to his crotch.

Sharon felt Richard's hard cock against her hand and she started to caress it gently. A soft moan left his lips as she started to increase the tempo of her massage. She waved to James to get closer. When James was close enough, she stuck her hand inside his shorts and felt his hard cock also. She started to stroke it inside his shorts and soon he decided to take them off. She looked down at James' cock and noticed how little it was, compare with Mike's 10-inch cock. Nevertheless, maybe James' 5-inch cock would do for now. She was so horny that her pussy ached with desire.

James had never felt like this before. He looked down at his sister's hand stroking his cock. He was amazed by the feeling that she was giving him. His foreskin was being pulled up and down over his cockhead. He could hardly stand it as she increased the speed of her strokes. It felt so good to him and suddenly it felt like his whole crotch was about to cramp. A nice tingling feeling hit his balls and he felt his sperm moving up inside of his hard shaft.

Sharon heard James moan out load and she felt his cock start to jerk. She stared at her brother's squirting little cock as it shot out strings of white sperm that landed on the floor. She watched the sperm disappear down the drain, being carried along by the still-running water.

Sharon motioned to Richard to lie down and he dropped his shorts and lay down on the floor. She looked at his cock and realised that it was almost as big as Mike's.

She positioned herself over Richard's cock and slowly lowered herself. She grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy. She had to bite her lip to prevent herself from screaming as his cock penetrated her. She felt the pressure inside her vagina as she buried Richard's cock deep inside her. She started to ride his cock rapidly. She wanted to cum so badly now.

Meanwhile, James' cock had begun to soften after his orgasm, and he looked on as his sister rode his older brother. He stared at her breasts that were jumping up and down and he heard her breathing harder. It was almost as if she cried and then held her breath before she let it out in a sob. He saw her look at him with half-closed eyes and he went closer to her.

Sharon looked at James' soft cock and reached out to grab it as he came closer. She almost pulled him by his cock to make him come closer. As soon as he was close enough, she put his cock in her mouth. She let her tongue play with his foreskin, putting her tongue inside it and teasing his cock head. The salty taste of James' cock made her almost crazy with pleasure. She felt Richard's cock squirting his hot load inside her, but she was so eager to cum herself that she continued riding Richard, despite the fact that he had already cum.

James felt his cock getting hard again; his sister's blowjob was really exciting him and he loved it. He imagined that it must be like this to be inside a pussy. The thought of being inside a woman was making the blood pound through his cock. He started to push his cock inside Sharon's mouth and he began fucking it. He felt her teeth scratching against his cock head and he moaned with pleasure.

Sharon felt how hard the cock was getting and was thankful to him for that. She leaned over Richard's exhausted body and felt his cock slide out of her and down onto his belly. She then bent down so that her ass was up in the air.

She reached behind her and grabbed James' hips, pushed him behind her and gave his cock a few hard strokes.

James stood behind his sister and looked at her ass. He knew what she wanted him to do. He took his cock and put it in her crack. Her hot outer lips surrounded his cock as he pushed it all the way in. It went in easily and he started to fuck her. Her buttocks began to slam back against his groin. Her pussy was so hot and slippery and he closed his eyes in ecstasy.

Sharon could hardly feel James' cock inside her and she started to rub her clit with her hand. She was so aroused now that she had to cum soon. She forced her ass back to meet James cock.

As she was about to cum, she moaned aloud. "Oh please. Oh please. Oh please. Oh pleaseeeeee."

Sharon lost control as the orgasm hit her. Her whole body was shivering and her pussy was pulsating. She almost screamed as the orgasm raged through her body. Her body dropped down onto Richard's body and she felt James' cock slip out of her wet hole.

When she had calmed down, she looked up at James and she smiled at him standing there, jerking his cock like crazy. She decided to help him, sat up, and licked his hard shaft with her tongue. James squirted instantly and his sperm landed beside Richard.

"What the hell...!" Richard shouted at James, "Be careful!"

Sharon laughed at her two brothers.

"Now get out of here now, will you? Before mom and dad start wondering where you are!"

"Okay, sis. We will!" Richard told her and stood up.

As her two brothers left her alone in the shower, she thought that she would not need to wait for Mike in the future. Now she could let her two brothers take care of things for her.

- End -

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